Moon in Taurus: Stability is Security

Born with the Moon in Taurus. This always implies a stable mind. A strong and caring mother who was able to answer the child’s needs perfectly. Emotions are well grounded with an ever present sense of security.

Financial security is the key to your emotional well-being. Making more money might make you feel more secure each day but you must remember the spiritual side of life as well. Imagination and feelings may also need to be included in your inner life for they will water the vast Taurean fields.

Food can be another source of emotional security for you. Enjoying a good meal may be a means of honoring and celebrating our Mother Earth but you must also check with food addictions and how much you exchange sweets with real love.


Moon in Aries: Restless Flames

The Moon, who shows our emotions, sensitivities and unconscious mind finds herself quite action oriented in the firey sign of Aries.


If you are born with the Moon in Aries, you must be familiar with inventions and original thoughts. Instinctively you are able to create unique ideas and you may have a natural urge to share them. Would not it be nice if everyone just listened to you and tried your excellent suggestions ?

Competition, which can be a nuisance for many, can make you feel quite at home. You always have this urgency to move forward, you are made of fire and you love to initiate things. Moving on after a break up, starting a new project, taking the lead for your emotional state are your natural talents.

Acting without thinking can be a challenge. They way you act might be rooted in instinct rather than thought. Sometimes we need to think twice before acting or making a decision.


Moon in Your Natal Chart

Moon is your Memory. Not the books you read or information you gain daily. She is your deepest, forgotten memory. That which lies under your conscious  mind.

Moon reflects the light, life-force of the Sun to the Earth. She reflects only 11% of the Sun’s light. What happens with the rest of the light ?

Moon has many faces. She is born, she grows, she becomes fully pregnant, she vanishes, she diminished and dies to be born again. She must be the Mother of the Moons, one of our many calendars. She is the priestess who awaits at the gates of endings and beginnings. She is born and she dies; she gives birth and she ends.

Thus the Moon in a natal chart is the main significator of the mother. Usually the biological mother but sometimes the one who mothers you as infant. One can have many mothers.

The symbol of the Moon is a crescent which also looks like a cup. A cup which fills and empties itself. She is the carrier, carrier of memory, biological memory which flows down the generations. Core beliefs and conditionings. Whatever we inherit from our parents and ancestors.

She is the cup of emotions. Our sensitivities, needs, emotional needs can be deciphered when the astrologer studies the natal moon. She gives us hints about the emotional security we crave and how to find it.

Moon is what we are made of. As the matter and mother, she shows the astrologer what kind of material the owner of the chart is made of. Is the material soft or rock hard ? Is it strong or weak ? Is it sensitive or not ? Your moon will tell the story.




What is a Mercury Retrograde and How to Wield it

Mercury retrogrades perhaps are the most discussed topics in popular astrology. For all to know, no planet moves retrograde yet we, the innocent observers on Earth, only see them move backwards in the Heavens due to the exquisite mandalas their orbits weave  around the Earth.

Star of Hermes (Mercury) is the indicator of Mind and Thought. Hermes is the Messenger of the Gods and the Guide of Souls. Hermes, as the psychopomp he is, can travel from Olympus down into the world of humans and then down into the dark and cold Hades. Thus he carries messages between the Worlds.

Mercury goes retrograde twice or thrice in a year. It takes 24 days each time. When the Star of Hermes seems to be moving backwards, we say Hermes visits the Underworld, that is, Hades. It is time to find that which is forgotten. It is a time our mind moves inwards, we walk down into the depths of our Soul where we find our buried treasures.

Underworld, Inferno, Unconscious. Here in the dark lurks things forgotten, long lost and forgotten. This is a dungeon where we locked up our most unsuitable desires. Here are ghosts of the moments when our hearts broke. Here you hear the haunting howls: “we will not accept you unless you do this for us”. Your forgotten talents, your forgotten loves, your forgotten Self, Soul lies here.

During this 24 days, walk we into the Night to face our fears, to face what we have so long been hiding from our own sight. Now we can see in the dark.

It is a great time to work with our mind. It is a great time to uncover our conditionings. It is a time to make the Unconscious conscious. All the inner work, meditation, spontaneous writing and observing our mind and life can be more beneficial then usual. That is how we move forward in life, by cleansing our closet.

We get rid of that which no longer serves our Purpose so that we can re-grow better.



The Lament of the Soul 

“Turn to me with your whole heart
Do not spurn me
Because I am weak and black.
The depths have hidden my face.
Because I am held fast
In the mire of the deep
And my essence is not revealed
I cried out of the depths;
And from the abysses of the earth
Doth my voice speak to you.”

Aurora Consurgens, quoted by C.G. Jung ETH, Vol.VI





Begüm Asteria

November 2018


Venus Retrograde 2018: The Mirror of Prometheus

This autumn Venus will start moving retrograde in the Sky. On October 6th, she will station in the sign of Scorpio and she will step back into her Queendom, Libra. She will be moving retrograde for 40 days. 40 days mark a time of completion, the amount of time needed for certainty regarding birth and death. Perhaps 40 days is the time of “passage” from one realm into another.

Here in my country, 40th day of the newborn is celebrated. 40 days after one passes is also equally important.

Retrogrades of the planets are their journey into the Underworld. Venus, as Goddess Aphrodite, is known to travel to chthonic realms. She may wander on Earth and She may travel into the Underworld as well. Do you remember her looking for Adonis on Earth and through the Underworld ? She seeks for her beloved Adonis who was kept by the Goddess of the Underworld, Persephone. How do you imagine Aphrodite descending ? In her gorgeous red hair, shining beauty or clad in Shadows ? Or perhaps, as a friend reminds me, she will be wearing the Helm of Invisibility ?

In an even more ancient story related with Venus, now as the Sumerian Goddess Inanna, She descends to the Underworld right after her marriage with the Shepherd God Dumuzi. She descends into the Underworld to visit her sister Ereshkigal. Inanna is sweet, beautiful and abundant, she carries Life. Ereshkigal is her sister Death, the dark Goddess of the Underworld. During her Journey of Descension, Inanna passes through the Seven Gates. In each Gate she is required to leave a bit of herself, her persona, her identity. She leaves her glimmering garments, her Crown, her wonderful jewels… At the Seventh Gate, she is naked. Thus the Goddess enters the Underworld…

During her 40 days retrograde Venus will be descending down into the Underworld. She will shatter what is not her essence. Only her Life, her body, her core, her very essence  will be left. During the 40 days we will be shattered of old and rusty relationships. We will get rid of wrong self-image issues. We will get rid of the deep beliefs that stand between us and Love, be it Divine Love, Universal Love or just Love.

On October 26, in the middle of her retrograde period, Venus joins the Sun and becomes invisible. It is a special day when Venus is conjunct the Sun. Look for something Venusian. After joining with the Sun during the retrograde, Venus will become the Morning Star, no longer the Evening Star she was during this summer. We will be bearing a new consciousness.

Evening Star Venus is said to be the Love Goddess and Morning Star Venus to be the Warrior Goddess. Inanna is, after all, the Goddess of Love and War.

At the end of the 40 days of retrograde movement, Venus will stand still at 25 degrees of Libra in mid-November.

Inanna enters the Underworld. There, she hangs from a Tree for days. This is where she is purified completely and finds her new Strength, New Life, New Secret… Then she comes back, she is Reborn.

Venus stations direct on November 15.

Inanna leaves the Underworld and ascends through Seven Gates, moving upwards. As she ascends, she wears back her identity, her garments, her jewels, her persona and her Glory, her Crown. Venus will complete her Journey on December 17.

As soon as she arrives in the World, Inanna finds out that her husband Dumuzi was cheating on her with a mortal girl. Inanna of course gets very angry at Dumuzi but she chooses not to punish him. I leave this riddle for you.


I regard this Journey of Venus as a very deep energy shift. We will be exploring our depths, facing our Shadows, disappearing into our Darkness and come back reborn. It is up to us whether we would like to take the Journey with Venus. The gift may just be Forgiveness, as Inanna’s story indicates.

During her Journey, Venus, just like Divine Io herself, will encounter Uranus, Prometheus, twice. Venus will hold her mirror into the face of Prometheus who is bound to the cliffs right in between the realms of Aries and Taurus. This means that we might have more than one surprise on the collective level and also on the personal level regarding Venus issues. It is hard to guess what will come out of Pandora’s Box, after all Pandora is another female figure related to Prometheus.




This looks like an interesting autumn for us all. A time to remember and I hope this Journey will help us open our Hearts more, love more and be loved more. Venus rules all relationships, our relationship with ourselves, friends and partners. Let us look for the day her Glory will be restored and let her be our guide down into our own Shadow, our own Underworld where the secrets and Pluton (Wealth – sometimes inner wealth) lie.



With Love and Blessings,

Begüm Asteria


September 2018

Full Moon in Sagittarius: Another Adventure

Tonight we welcome a wondrous full moon. At the same time, the benefic planets will be forming a triangle in the Water Signs. This celestial Water Trine is blessed with Venus’ touch on Sirius.

The chaos and pressure we have been feeling since mid-May will melt away in the gentle flowing water. The dust and rust will be cleansed by the silvery rays of the Moon, so that we can finally see that all we have been through was here to test our faith and realize our own inner power.


Sagittarius is about Faith. Faith in yourself, Humanity the World and the flow of things, Time. Perhaps recent events clouded your vision and you forgot your faith, hope and joy. In the endless flow of life this is possible, we sometimes forget the most essential things. Here, under this full moon, a higher consciousness may visit you and your recent wounds and bruises will be healed.

Energy of recent tightness and repression will be directed to leave its place to a higher perspective, a will to explore new horizons, Compassion and Higher Love. A new journey is ahead…


Even though we are reluctant to leave, perhaps we don’t even have a choice. The recent weeks’ pressure was signaled by Uranus, how far can one resist the big planets ? How far ? Perhaps this is what Uranus wants us, to leave our comfort zone and set sail with our wise and loving protectors: Neptune, Jupiter and Sirius hued Venus. Not bad, not bad at all.

The Moon always calls for wild dances. Within the dance is the Journey within, exploration of the soul and distant memories, memories only the Body remembers and the Mind yearns to remember.


Tonight we leave our stable, routine, boring lives and set sail into Eternity…


May we meet at the Grey Havens…



Begüm Asteria

May 2018



Full Moon in Virgo: Harvest of the Souls

What is the Truth ?

The King delved deep into the Darkness to find the “Truth”. He donned his fire forged sword and descended into the Underworld. He followed the rivers that flow down into the Abyss, passed through caverns and tunnels. In a passage he came across a dwarf, his bread was reaching down at his belly. Sober and wry as the dwarf was, the King felt a deep trust for him, the dwarf felt as true as the rocks. He told the King of the challenges that await as well as what must be done. The dwarf showed the King the right path.

The King’s path led him down the passages… Now water was no more, it was only fry stones and rock all around him, minerals and shiny stones as well. At last he reached the Hall where Hades’ Throne lays. There he was, Hades, King of the Underworld, sitting on his throne, he was counting the souls one by one. The King did not face him, only watched him rule the Dead.

The Hypnos took hold of the King. In his dream he entered an underwater palace made of blue crystal,  under the Ocean. Colorful fish glided and glimmered as moss and coral decorated the walls. There he heard a song so beautiful that it could only be heard under the Seas. This dreamy melody was sung by a woman. Her red hair was graced with seashells. Mermaids were playing harp around her.

The King began to rise in the water with this music. He rose up and up… For a moment it felt as if there was someone who carried him between the Worlds. It was nighttime on Earth, silvery rays of the Moonlight were dancing on the surface of the Sea. When the King reached at the Land, he found the singing woman again. She was standing there under the mysteries of the Moonlight. Her ivory skin and copper hair now had a different hue. Thus he understood, this was the Truth.

Eternal Love had made herself manifest under the light of the Full Moon.



Here I told you Jupiter’s jounery at this Full Moon. No, I have not made up any of these, I only translated the ephemeris of the coming full moon.

The Full Moon we are about to experience holds a deep loving energy. Relationships will certainly benefit from this, Aphrodite has her hand on this Full Moon. These days She is the strongest energy present, she can deliver her messages to us in a sweet flow.

Full moons in Virgo symbolize the earthly manifestation of Piscean divine love and depth. The Virgo – Pisces Axis is all about manifestation of the Spirit in Matter. Every mother knows this secret.

Tonight Selene in the Realm of the Celestial Virgin opens the gates for us to manifest the Piscean divine love, devotion and transcendence on Earth.

It is now up to us.



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Love and Blessings

Begüm Asteria 

February 2018