Aphrodite onto Kronos, 16-18 February

“Aphrodite onto Kronos indicates further acquisition and reputation in the district and help from secret sources, but it is maleficent for marriage; for it unsettles or otherwise exchanges the marriage bed for the embrace of a lesser light.”

(Translated by R. Schmidt, quoted from Project Hindsight)

Thus said the legendary Greek poet Orpheus for the ingress of transiting Venus onto Saturn in a natal chart. It is a discussion how far we can apply this to a transiting conjunction. Let us assume that the symbolism stays intact.

It of course is never easy for us to understand Hellenic astrologers. It takes one to travel mentally in time, which I doubt could be possible at all. Yet, we can still light our own torch of wisdom with the dying flames of old civilizations.

This transit might be important for you if your birthday falls around January 5 or you have significant points or personal planets around 16 degrees of Capricorn. Let us see what to expect:

Further acquisition and reputation: Yes. Kronos is related to one’s career, reputation. Adding a sweet flavor into one’s reputation will expand it. If applied on a natal chart and natal Saturn, the owner of the chart might get a reputation of compassion, caring or sweetness. I cannot see how this may manifest in the current transit.

Help from secret sources: This may be taken literally if one’s natal chart and predictive  techniques support it. Otherwise, look for help from the most secret area: your personal Unconscious. Do not forget that it was Kronos who initiated Aphrodite’s birth in his fight with the Titan, Uranus.

Maleficient for marriage: Well… why not. Aphrodite, the ruler of hearts, love of every kind and sweet whispers is getting a cold shower. Though on a personal note, I would think Aphrodite onto Saturn could be a powerful time to stabilize a marriage, if you want to FREEZE the relationship into a “cannot get rid of each other ever after” scenario 🙂

It unsettles the marriage bed or otherwise exchanges the marriage bed for the embrace of a lesser light: Cold is not for lovers. This implies challenges for married couples due to issues relating to sexuality. The wisest approach is willing to learn from such challenges.

Aphrodite walks into the throne of Kronos. The themes and events Aphrodite carries now become our challenges, teachers and tests.

Love and Blessings,



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