Moon in Your Natal Chart

Moon is your Memory. Not the books you read or information you gain daily. She is your deepest, forgotten memory. That which lies under your conscious  mind.

Moon reflects the light, life-force of the Sun to the Earth. She reflects only 11% of the Sun’s light. What happens with the rest of the light ?

Moon has many faces. She is born, she grows, she becomes fully pregnant, she vanishes, she diminished and dies to be born again. She must be the Mother of the Moons, one of our many calendars. She is the priestess who awaits at the gates of endings and beginnings. She is born and she dies; she gives birth and she ends.

Thus the Moon in a natal chart is the main significator of the mother. Usually the biological mother but sometimes the one who mothers you as infant. One can have many mothers.

The symbol of the Moon is a crescent which also looks like a cup. A cup which fills and empties itself. She is the carrier, carrier of memory, biological memory which flows down the generations. Core beliefs and conditionings. Whatever we inherit from our parents and ancestors.

She is the cup of emotions. Our sensitivities, needs, emotional needs can be deciphered when the astrologer studies the natal moon. She gives us hints about the emotional security we crave and how to find it.

Moon is what we are made of. As the matter and mother, she shows the astrologer what kind of material the owner of the chart is made of. Is the material soft or rock hard ? Is it strong or weak ? Is it sensitive or not ? Your moon will tell the story.




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