Moon in Aries: Restless Flames

The Moon, who shows our emotions, sensitivities and unconscious mind finds herself quite action oriented in the firey sign of Aries.


If you are born with the Moon in Aries, you must be familiar with inventions and original thoughts. Instinctively you are able to create unique ideas and you may have a natural urge to share them. Would not it be nice if everyone just listened to you and tried your excellent suggestions ?

Competition, which can be a nuisance for many, can make you feel quite at home. You always have this urgency to move forward, you are made of fire and you love to initiate things. Moving on after a break up, starting a new project, taking the lead for your emotional state are your natural talents.

Acting without thinking can be a challenge. They way you act might be rooted in instinct rather than thought. Sometimes we need to think twice before acting or making a decision.


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