Full Moon in Sagittarius: Another Adventure

Tonight we welcome a wondrous full moon. At the same time, the benefic planets will be forming a triangle in the Water Signs. This celestial Water Trine is blessed with Venus’ touch on Sirius.

The chaos and pressure we have been feeling since mid-May will melt away in the gentle flowing water. The dust and rust will be cleansed by the silvery rays of the Moon, so that we can finally see that all we have been through was here to test our faith and realize our own inner power.


Sagittarius is about Faith. Faith in yourself, Humanity the World and the flow of things, Time. Perhaps recent events clouded your vision and you forgot your faith, hope and joy. In the endless flow of life this is possible, we sometimes forget the most essential things. Here, under this full moon, a higher consciousness may visit you and your recent wounds and bruises will be healed.

Energy of recent tightness and repression will be directed to leave its place to a higher perspective, a will to explore new horizons, Compassion and Higher Love. A new journey is ahead…


Even though we are reluctant to leave, perhaps we don’t even have a choice. The recent weeks’ pressure was signaled by Uranus, how far can one resist the big planets ? How far ? Perhaps this is what Uranus wants us, to leave our comfort zone and set sail with our wise and loving protectors: Neptune, Jupiter and Sirius hued Venus. Not bad, not bad at all.

The Moon always calls for wild dances. Within the dance is the Journey within, exploration of the soul and distant memories, memories only the Body remembers and the Mind yearns to remember.


Tonight we leave our stable, routine, boring lives and set sail into Eternity…


May we meet at the Grey Havens…



Begüm Asteria

May 2018



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