Did you ever wonder about the Goddess Powers present at your birth ?

Where is the Throne of Aphrodite in your personal perception of the World ? What is your Venus Sign ? How do you receive ? How do you love ? And more importantly, how can you love even more ?

I study birth charts (horoscopes) of many people. In your horoscope the planet of Love shows us your way of relating. Relating with others, partners, the world and energies (money as well). That is why I choose to focus on Venus.

Femininity is one of the ways the current society puts another bag on our backs. What is femininity, really ? How does this principle unfold for you ? What do you perceive of it ? How does attraction work for you, are you really supposed to be a flower that spreads color and fragrance to attract bees and beautiful butterflies ? Why on Earth do you keep attracting mosquitoes anyway!??


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