Full Moon in Virgo: Harvest of the Souls

What is the Truth ?

The King delved deep into the Darkness to find the “Truth”. He donned his fire forged sword and descended into the Underworld. He followed the rivers that flow down into the Abyss, passed through caverns and tunnels. In a passage he came across a dwarf, his bread was reaching down at his belly. Sober and wry as the dwarf was, the King felt a deep trust for him, the dwarf felt as true as the rocks. He told the King of the challenges that await as well as what must be done. The dwarf showed the King the right path.

The King’s path led him down the passages… Now water was no more, it was only fry stones and rock all around him, minerals and shiny stones as well. At last he reached the Hall where Hades’ Throne lays. There he was, Hades, King of the Underworld, sitting on his throne, he was counting the souls one by one. The King did not face him, only watched him rule the Dead.

The Hypnos took hold of the King. In his dream he entered an underwater palace made of blue crystal,  under the Ocean. Colorful fish glided and glimmered as moss and coral decorated the walls. There he heard a song so beautiful that it could only be heard under the Seas. This dreamy melody was sung by a woman. Her red hair was graced with seashells. Mermaids were playing harp around her.

The King began to rise in the water with this music. He rose up and up… For a moment it felt as if there was someone who carried him between the Worlds. It was nighttime on Earth, silvery rays of the Moonlight were dancing on the surface of the Sea. When the King reached at the Land, he found the singing woman again. She was standing there under the mysteries of the Moonlight. Her ivory skin and copper hair now had a different hue. Thus he understood, this was the Truth.

Eternal Love had made herself manifest under the light of the Full Moon.



Here I told you Jupiter’s jounery at this Full Moon. No, I have not made up any of these, I only translated the ephemeris of the coming full moon.

The Full Moon we are about to experience holds a deep loving energy. Relationships will certainly benefit from this, Aphrodite has her hand on this Full Moon. These days She is the strongest energy present, she can deliver her messages to us in a sweet flow.

Full moons in Virgo symbolize the earthly manifestation of Piscean divine love and depth. The Virgo – Pisces Axis is all about manifestation of the Spirit in Matter. Every mother knows this secret.

Tonight Selene in the Realm of the Celestial Virgin opens the gates for us to manifest the Piscean divine love, devotion and transcendence on Earth.

It is now up to us.



If you have read and liked this article and would like to work more with me, you are welcome to e-mail me for further queries and personal horoscope readings: Lydiansoulwork@gmail.com


Love and Blessings

Begüm Asteria 

February 2018


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