Chiron in Pisces: Mea Culpa

In Pisces, Chiron implies our feelings of guilt against the divine and the World. Pisces, overall, is the sign of Christ, therefore the energy field of Pisces is closely linked with the processes of guilt and redemption.

Here Chiron’s unhealing wound holds the poison of guilt. The bearer of the chart may not even be aware of it but her life and choices may be driven by this deeply inherent feeling of guilt. Her success and service to the World can be great for there will always be the hungry guilt-monster demanding a maiden each day.

What if the Fish goes downward into the depths of Hell ? Once sinned, perhaps she now regards herself as a sinner who cannot be forgiven. Here we find the Anti-Christ fish, ever swimming downward into the Sea of Sin. The blood running from the guilt-wound would now be her primary drink, perhaps a favorite cocktail for this little vampire fish.

Pisces, being the realm of saints and sinners, can hold extreme characters.

Our celestial centaur Chiron has been gliding through the sign of the Fishes since 2010. In the last 8 years we have seen many leave their modern lifestyle and return back to nature. Many still plan a life where they will be free of the guilt of harming the World everyday. Redemption, we guess, can be found on the pastures, fields, growing eco, living a simple life and refusing to slaughter animals for our  barbecue party.

The Vegan Movement is a big Chiron in Pisces thing. It stems from the feeling of guilt against the world, against the innocent animals and Mother Nature herself. Anti-Consumerism is another and wider form of Chiron at work in Pisces. Most of us today feel guilty of the plastic we wind everyday into the Oceans of the World. Waste problem gives a heavy weight into the hearts of the sensitive while photographs of sea birds with batteries in their body roam the internets.

Slave labour is another reason for anti-consumerism.

On the other side we have masses of people totally free of such guilt. Paper cups fly in the air, plastic, nylon and other waste covers the surface of the Ocean and none of these can stop them from purchasing one more lipstick or mobilephone. Meat serving restaurants are a big trend. Disgusting, haha!

This difference can be observed from the Pisces/Virgo element in people’s charts. Pisceans have grown a wider awareness around these topics for their consciousness is open to the collective. As is Pisces’ nature, these endeavors do not lead to anything concrete. It is time to leave these woes behind for we are at the Gates of Aquarius and the Future awaits.



With love and blessings,



February 2018


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