Secret of the Lydians

Lydia, ancient land of western Anatolia, extending east from the Aegean Sea and occupying the valleys of the Hermus and Cayster rivers. The Lydians were said to be the originators of gold and silver coins. During their brief hegemony over Asia Minor from the middle of the 7th to the middle of the 6th century bc, the Lydians profoundly influenced the Ionian Greeks to their west.” *

There are many many secrets in Ancient Lydia. Who was Kind Midas and what was Gordion’s Knot ? Why are Lydian Artemis and Aphrodite so different than the Hellenic goddesses with the same names ? There are so many questions…

One of the greatest secrets is the Treasures of King Croesus. “He is wealthy as Croesus!” is a common phrase to describe immense wealth. Wealth of Lydian King Croesus is legend. Treasures of King Croesus is a great treasure that is hidden, lost in time but not entirely forgotten.

This is what dreamwork is about. We all have treasures buries deep inside. We perhaps perceive them to be lost, forgotten, melted away, even plundered and gone. No. Our treasures cannot be taken away from us or made unaccessible in any way. We all have access to the Treasures of Croesus. It is down there, lying deep inside of us all.

Each night we hear a call. A call so ancient and esoteric that we might at first fail to understand it. The call does not cease. It comes from the treasure inside us. The Treasure wants to be found.

How do we access out own treasure chamber ? Dreamwork hands us the tools we need to decipher and understand the language of our treasure map. Every treasure map is personal and they are handed to us every time we sleep.

I propose dreamwork as a way to access our our own hidden treasures. We do not consciously know what lies therein. I cannot promise you roses or honeymilk. It can be a tough walk. It can be a descend in order to ascend. World mythologies are full of these stories. Perhaps there is a dragon guarding your treasure ? Or perhaps you need to face a few daemonae to reach there ? Anything can happen, this is a walk into the Unconscious, you simply walk into Mordor.

The journey is here to take, how long do you think you can stand inert in your safe space and avoid the beckoning life ?

*, accessed 21.11.2016

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