Gates of Scorpio

Welcome to the Dark. The Underworld where the eggs incubate, seeds sleep and matter transforms into new life. Death and Rebirth rule in here, their names are Hades and Persephone. Cold and dark winter begins during this time. Growth almost halts, trees willingly turn red and drop their last leaves. We enter the colder days.

This is the time we leave the baggage. The tail of Scorpio represents purging of poison. This process is deep, dark and liquid. Our senses are drawn inward, bestowing us a capacity and potential for connecting with our inner emotions and feelings. Scorpio days are our time to purge the poison and thus heal.

We drive our power from the Underworld during this season. It is our roots who lend us the power to rise in our own individuality. We gain wisdom and power from the dead, they lend us our power to act and rule. This can be our forgotten parts, our deepest longings which we once believed were impossible to experience or attain.

Scorpio loves still waters, they say. Yet no water is ever still. Even the small amount of water in a glass keeps evaporating as we speak. Lakes are full of life and flow. Water is constantly under unseen transformation. It can freeze, evaporate or just flow. Scorpio is the flow and unseen transformation in these waters. The compost will transform silently, you do not need to stir it.

Our garden dwindles. Life falls on the wet earth and fades. This is death. Yet nothing is lost in the world. Things that fade come back in new and different forms. The compost pile transforms into fresh and nutritious vegetables. Worms know what they do. All matter transforms: sometimes into matter, sometimes into energy. Scorpio, the eighth part of the Wheel, holds the Principle of Transformation.

They say the Phoenix is a symbol of Scorpio: the firebird that rises from her own ashes. There is a beautiful story where the emerald green Phoenix carries the young hero down into the Underworld where he searches for his lost love. The Phoenix has one requirement: it has to be fed with milk and meat whenever it asks for it during this flight. So the young hero accepts and they start their journey. He feeds her with milk and meat throughout the journey as the divine bird requires. Towards the end of their flight, they run out of meat! Phoenix asks for meat, the boy cannot reply. Phoenix asks again, no reply still. On the third time, the boy cuts his own limb and feeds it to the bird. When they run out of milk, he sacrifices his mother’s milk

A ride with the Scorpio can be demanding. Yet it has the big promise of reaching Wholeness at the end. Sacrifices made to the Phoenix can be deep, they may require life itself: meat and milk. These sacrifices enables us to meet our inner other and be whole again. Therefore it is essential to be willing to let go during this season so that growth becomes possible in Spring to come. Sacrifices we make during the Scorpio season return as fertility, joy and abundance in Taurus season. Courage is needed to look within, pain is necessary to come to consciousness. The bitter medicine is all but necessary. Scorpio’s medicine is the pain of coming to consciousness. Without this bitter pain, we can never face our fears and lost treasures.

During this time of the year please do not be hard on yourself. Be a gentle lover. Love is still the primary force that leads us down into the Underworld. We take this journey for the sake of the endless love we have for the Other. Would Orpheus descend into Hades if it was not love ? Let your self love be your guide as you dig into your own Underworld.

Do not blame yourself for the unsavory things you find: fears, ignorance, lost passions, forgotten jewels, silenced dreams, silenced anger, unexpressed emotions… Our demons dwell in the Underworld. These days we have all the support and power to face them. Hold the torch of consciousness before their faces and watch them transform into powerful friends; walk through the fear and honor them. Escape not.

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