Venus and Ceres Conjunct in Cancer

Today we have Venus and Ceres coming together in the warm waters of Cancer. Sun and Mars have long been fighting side by side in the Throne Room. We all have been charged with too much positive (masculine) energy lately, also all buffed with the Mars painted Leo – Aquarius Eclipse of the Moon last week.

Now is the time to open the heart chakra and also tomorrow when Moon moves into Taurus, to earth this super charged energy.

Yes, the King of Heaven and the King of the Underworld are still battling. This means we have more and more energy to access.

The Heavens are trembling and Queens are here to bring these volatile energies to the service of Love.

Recognize your hate. It has been sitting there for too long. Let Venus and Ceres take it and transform it into your Heart’s Desire. Tomorrow will be the day when we will begin to see the results of these celestial movements in the Earth Plane.




Begüm Asteria,


August 2017

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