Penelope: The Queen of Ithaca

Penelope was the Queen of Ithaca, she was a wise woman. Her wisdom and instinct discerned true from false. She was strong, resilient and patient.

Penelope avoided all the illusions for years until Odysseus arrived from the storming wine dark sea. Penelope as a model teaches us that there is always a possibility for a true life. No matter what others say and do, it is still up to us to stick with our own intentions and create our lives. It is essential to avoid the false and misleading options until our truth arrives.

As the years followed each other, each and every mortal in Ithaca began to believe that Odysseus must have fallen at Troy. Perhaps he died at the sea ? Storms might gave crushed his ship on rocks or the angry sea-gods took him ? Penelope made a rather different choice and she chose not to believe in those rumors. She chose to keep her faith that Odysseus will one day return from the sea.

The story tells us that all the rich men in Ithaca and bordering lands asked for her hand in order to access Odysseus’ land, riches and title. She kept them hanging on pretending that she is making a burial shroud in her loom and she would not utter a choice before her work is done. This was a brilliant trick. She seemed to be working on the loom during the day and with maids she undid her work all through the night. She kept the suitors at bay until Odysseus arrived.

Recognize the Truth

Our memory might forget but instinct always knows the true from false.

When Odysseus left Ithaca, he was a very handsome young man with golden armrings, carrying his mighty weapons. His long black hair ran down his shoulders and the light of Olympus was in his eyes. Yet he returned home in the disguise of an old beggar… He was indeed older, the sea had worn out his face, he was unrecognizable through the looks. His old dog recognized him. In here, the dog represents instinct. That animalistic, undeniable knowing we all posses when we know from our gut.

When something that truly calls to us arrives, we know it in the same way dogs recognize each other. Our wild nature is more than friendly to the things we embrace without a doubt. Therefore let me suggest we all clear our hearts and minds and ask Queen Penelope to guide us to our truth even when it seems most unavailable in the hours of despair.




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